17 January 2013

The Irony of It All

These pictures were taken a few days before Christmas and though it's supposed to be cold and chilly, weather in Manila was the exact opposite. The blazing heat from the sun felt like that of the heat emanating every summer time. It was ridiculous. I decided to wear this seemingly hot wool dress for that Christmas-prefect vibe and intentionally left my pants at home (my dad kept on commenting that I looked as if I've forgotten to wear pants) to lessen the discomfort brought about by the weather. Extra point for the dress for its polka dots which as we all know is a sign for good luck. Maybe this is why my 2013 is by far proving to be a good one :)

Dress: hand-me-down| Shoes: Aldo| Belt: The Ramp| Hat: from Bangkok

And the irony of it all is that, the weather now is what I've been asking for since the Christmas season kicked in - it's perfectly chilly now! 


Go ahead, make my day :)

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