22 January 2013

I Wasn't Born for the Rose and Pearl

Geez, why are the days seem to be on constant fast forward mode??? I haven't even caught up with updating my virtual life and here are the requirements my subjects are demanding for this term piling up higher and higher as each day passes. But no, as much as I sound whiny, irritated, and downright ungrateful for the things that are keeping me busy, I'd like to focus on the positive side of this all - which is, something is keeping me from being bored. And trust me when I say that I tend to do damaging things whenever boredom strikes me. Besides, there's no use in stressing over little things, I realize because at the end of the day, no one gets frustrated about the situation as much as I do. On top of my 2013 Resolutions is to not sweat the small stuff. This is exactly what I'm doing.
Les Miserables lived up to the hype!!! I didn't notice that more than two and a half hours had already passed when the credits rolled on. Don't worry, I was able to restrain myself from singing aloud the songs and settled with singing soundless. 'twas definitely a remarkable movie.
Here's what I wore when Lala, Kuya and I watched. This white top was so huge on my tiny frame that I had to resort to using safety pins to somehow make it less bulky. Not minding its size, this has actually elevated to my Favorite Clothes set because of its flowers and pearls. They added just the right touch of vintage. I also liked the length of the sleeves and the fabric. In short, I liked everything about it! I was supposed to entitle this post "There are storms that we cannot weather" as it is my favorite line from I Dreamed a Dream but then thought that the line I chose, which by the way come from the musical Wicked's 'I'm Not That Girl', is more fitting, what with the actual rose and pearls from my top. I'm definitely amused with everything about musical.
Blazer: The Ramp| Top: from my Lala| Shorts: Zara| Shoes: Topshop


  1. Great pics, great post! Thanks for the sweet comment on our blog! Have just followed you dear :)



  2. so cute so lovely <3 xo xo xo

  3. your top is so beautiful! I totally love it!
    Following you now! I'm waiting for you to do the same!

  4. that indeed is such a special top and I own a similar sweater, also a gorgeous piece. those vintage items definitely are worth showing and sharing! lovely look overall since blue suits you so well :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. nice look.
    Thanks for visit my blog!:)

  6. Hi pretty I follow you in GFC :)I hope to see you again in my blog and you follow back XXX

  7. Lovely top. I would say its very inspiring for a DIY Project but then again I'm very impatient. LOL. It looks good on you girl!



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