12 January 2012

My Bucket List

All images are from perfectbucketlist.tumblr.com

When my mom asked me months ago where I think I'm going to be in the future I said, "In a magazine publication".
I have this recurring dream in which I see myself riding on a horse, dressed in a riding habit.
There is something about Disney movies, theme parks, characters, and its makers that overwhelm me.
I've wanted to become a pilot, only I lack the height.
I tried imitating Allison Harvard's big eyes bulging - lips pouting look plenty of times.
I want to fully explore life under the sea.
I'm a daredevil.
I promised myself that sometime in the future, I'll have an Eat Pray Love experience.
I will never quit dancing, even if my body gives up on me.
I want to see items that have 'Gianella Peralta' label on.
No matter how much I like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer is my lifetime favorite.
Jack and Rose's love story would always be my basis of a love worth keeping.
Shoes are the perfect accessory.
There are so many things that I still have to learn in school, even after graduation.
Even after filling out pages with words, I still have not completely stressed out my point.


  1. great list!

    xoxo from rome

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