02 August 2011

Of Great and the Greatest: In Words

Last Saturday, I went to school to attend an orientation on taking care of the environment. I'll show you the photos in a separate post. So Hannah, if you're reading this, please send me our photos :) Right after, I followed to where my family had lunch. Here's my whole-day uniform:

Top: Forever 21| Skirt: The Ramp| Shoes: Topshop| Accessories: random (most came from my Lola)
Here's my Lola Ester with me

Now let me tell you the reason for the title of this post. I was thinking, after hearing some comments and suggestions about me writing down my thoughts more extensively, what if I put up a separate blog containing nothing but pure words? It's taking me days just to post photos of where I went to or what I did here. As you might have noticed, I don't publish stories without including photos. In the word blog that I'm planning on creating, I can update as frequent as every other day and not only that, I can further enhance the languages I wish to be good at: English and French. My mom and I are about to enroll for some French lessons. She was actually good at it, until she lost all chances of speaking the language. So, there. What can you say? Do you think it's okay if I'll publish a separate blog or is it better if I just add my thoughts here even though it'll take me ages? Let me know about what you think :)


  1. I think it's better that you create another page for that here in your blog. Promoting another blog will be easier if you publish it here. :) All in one na. :D I also want to learn another language and that would be Spanish in my case. I'm following you! :) Do the same? :D Wee thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. ok we can follow each other!! ;)

  3. these shoes and the skirt make a perfect combination (Y)
    and I think that yeah, you can make another blog which contains only text. you can add the link in this blog so everyone who wants can go there also ;)

  4. Cool skirt and very gorge shoes! I love your outfit! =)

    I think it'll be more fun to create a separate blog for your thoughts alone. =)

  5. I love your outfit! You look so chic! 

    Your blog is adorable and one of my new faves! Definitely following :) Would love for to stop by mine too, and check it out! Excited to be bloggy friends!

    Along Abbey Road

  6. We can follow each other :)
    I love your skirt !

  7. Cute skirt!
    I've often wondered the same thing about adding more words to my blog. I think the best thing to do is to have a few posts with more words and see the kind of response they get. Then you can decide from there what the best route would be.


  8. Beautiful!


  9. Well, you can always tag your posts as "just words" or something and just post everything here and only post pictures for really big posts.

    Or do something once a week with pictures and the rest of your posts in words...

    I don't know.

  10. i like your skirt dear especially your shoes!


  11. Super cute skirt! You are a total doll :)

    Following your lovely bloggy!


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