02 August 2011

You Had Me at Hello

If there is anything that I would like to say to Kipling, it would be 'You had me at hello'. Do you know that certain feeling when you pass by a bag and then you had to go back because there was as if some force pulling you to its beauty? This is exactly how I feel about Kipling bags. I do not normally post about my purchases because for me, there's no reason to do so. After all, you'll see me in them someday. But I have to break this code of mine this once, just this once. 


I started patronizing Kipling bags when I was in 1st year HS. Since I had to wear a uniform like the rest, I needed something to make me stand out from the crowd. Not really something to make heads turn towards me, just something to make others identify me. This certain something, for me, was Kipling bag. Year after year in HS, it had been necessary for me to buy a new bag. Let me show you those bags:

I'm looking for my other HS pictures. These three were taken when I was in 3rd year and when in 2nd year.
(Lia, Shiina, Rie, Che, Jer, Dacs and Val, forgive me for using these photos. You guys look cute in there naman eh)

Last thursday, my mom called me up and told me to meet with her in a mall. When we passed by the Kipling store, this Claudine bag called me, almost begged me to take her home with me. So now, it is home.
Can't wait to use it!!!

Another reason for this is post is that, I'm wishing with my fingers crossed that this camera bag would be out in the market here in the Philippines. I've been looking for it in all stores, including online ones but no one can ship it here. Please Kipling, make my dream of having the perfect bag for my camera come true.

Love, Gellie


  1. wow, this camera bag is simply stunning!! I would definitely love to own it too :P
    and your bag is also beautiful :)

  2. wow!!! stunning bag! can you be in love with the bag? I think so.

    I like the white bag!!! So pretty!


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