10 August 2011

Ode to Pants Hunting

Earlier, I was in the mall with my cousin Alissa doing the thing that probably will not be in my favorite things to do: shopping for pants, specifically denim. It's really difficult to find the denim jeans of my dreams because for one, I don't have enough resources (read: money) and second, I don't have the height. I've heard and I'm sure that the perfect jeans to match my taste can only be found in Seven for All Mankind but student as I am, I don't have enough allowance to spend on even just a pair. Which brings me to one of my promises to myself - to buy a pair of jeans from Seven For All Manknd the moment I receive my hard earned salary. So anyway, since I can't do anything about it yet but drool, I settled for cheaper options. Mom instructed me to buy two pairs only, nothing more nothing less. I was determined to find pants that are: not skinny, not low waist and must be gray. I don't have gray pants yet so I wanted one. I thought it would be easy, since Mango, Promod, Guess, Lee and Levi's are still on sale but apparently, I was mistaken. What's up with everyone, why do they have racks of skinny jeans and low waisted pants but do not have racks of gray, straight cut ones? Don't they know that there are some vertically challenged ladies out there who cannot wear pants that will further enhance their height?

If only I could wear trousers like this everyday without looking like repeating the same pants. I ended up buying pants like this, much to my mom's dismay.

Which footwear do you guys think I wore?

My vintage CMG snake skin heels


My trusty Aldo rubber boots

Always a fan of the more melodramatic one, I chose the boots.
Top: Polo| Necklace, belt and dress turned to skirt: from Bangkok

Around 3 in the afternoon, the necklace and the boots had to go because I went to school. I refrain from dressing up for school though I really want to.

On a totally unrelated note, I'd just like to tell you that though I enjoyed the idea of having been able to help our dear Mother Earth, I'm saddened by the fact that I've cough and cold for more than a week now. Yup, eversince I returned home from the dumpsite, I've been coughing and blowing my brains out. Here's wishing it's just because of the weather, not because of some virus.


  1. right now i'm wearing a very similar pants, only black! you look so cute in those pics, love your rain boots<3


  2. Ugh, I have yet to find a perfect pair of jeans that I absolutely love. And, I have a hard time spending over $200 on jeans, so I think I'm just going to stick to dresses and slacks.

  3. hope you are feeling better! :)
    btw, I like the colour and cut of those pants and this necklace is really cool too. it totally refreshes your school outfit ;)

  4. such a cute look!


  5. Hope you feel better. I think you can make anything look good.

  6. Cute skirt!

    If you're looking for good denim -- check out yoga jeans. I get them for my clients all the time. Amazing!

    Fashion Translated

  7. Topshop jeans for me, all the way. i live in skinny Baxters!

  8. I love your outfit, and those trousers, it's so hard to find a good pair...probabaly why I'm still looking :)


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