27 August 2011

It keeps on flowing

When I said that I'm not used to going to the cemetery, I wasn't kidding. I haven't experienced death in the family until my grandfather from the father side passed away last February 2009. On December of the following year, my great grandfather, Amama, joined him. And just last night, my mommy arrived home, sullen faced. Her father, my Lolo Felix Valle, died because of heart attack. My mom just sat down beside me then all of a sudden, her tears came falling down. I didn't know what words to say nor did I know what i can give mom just to appease her so I settled to just staying by her side, listening to her random rambles. LB, as how my brothers and I call Lolo Felix, passed away at a young age. He was even outlived my his mom, my great grandma Inana. Weird enough, LB's death coincided with Inana's 84th birthday.


Death in the family is slowly becoming familiar with me. It's creeping its way into the barrier of youth our family has. I just wish, fervently wish, that none of my grandmas would succumb to the lifetime slumber just yet. I know for sure life would completely be different should this fear of mine happen.


I do not want to leave you guys hanging but I've to beg off from all my blogging duties for the coming 3 days. Please also pray for my mom, she being the eldest child, that she may have the strength to decide on what's best for everyone concerned.


  1. it's such a sad subject but I hope you are doing just fine :)
    btw, the first photo is really pretty!

  2. Hardly any one of us like to go to such a place but this is one reality that we all need to accept as part of living…

  3. aww, im sorry.

    but your outfit looks great! <3


  4. :( I remember when my grandpa died. It was aweful. I don't know what I would do if my Lolo Carlos died.

    I hope you and your family will be ok soon.

  5. Great post!! Beautiful smile!

    Have a look at my blog, we're finally back from Summer!! :)

  6. :/ I'm sorry that so many people you have known have died. Both my Nans died in the same year. It just seems like it will never get better but that was nearly 5 years ago and it does. Great blog :) good luck with everything, for you and your family.



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