22 June 2010


It's Father's Day last sunday, 20 June.

I was busily trying to catch up with blogging more about my college life and the sudden changes it's bringing into my life when I saw some of our family pictures. I then noticed that I never had the chance to have a picture with my dad during Father's Day. Not that I really find anything so special in that day, I just wanted a 'Happy Father's Day' picture. Am I making sense? :))

So instead of having more weird pictures of me taken, I decided to postpone my weird-me-photoshoot HAHAHA

Look who suddenly got taller! Amazing B-) (but yeah, it's just because of the wedges I'm wearing)

DADDY! We look so much alike, don't you think? :)

I hope you all guys had a good Father's Day celebration as well.

Top: white stoned tank top - Vintage
Cardigan: The Ramp
Wedge: Janylin

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