14 June 2010

Me Seamstress

I've always wanted to learn how to sew on my own. Someone once said, to have good clothes is to befriend a good seamstress. My lola sews clothes, from gowns to daily wear. It is through her that I learned how to do simple creations. My very first sewing project was a necklace bib. And that was in my third year HS. Oh no, I didn't sew the beads on the cloth, I used glue gun instead! =)) what made me consider it as my first project was the sewing I did on the bib's ends. 

[Insert Picture]

BOO ME! I've lost the necklace and the pictures of it were deleted from my laptop's memory when I had it checked last April.

Tito Jun, my mom's brother, who lives in the Land Down Under with his wife and their 4-month old Baby Daughter, asked my Lola if she could create Alex's (Tito Jun's daughter who's also my 1st cousin) baptismal gown. I know my family couldn't go there anytime soon because of work and school commitments and so to show how much I long to see my baby cousin, I helped in adorning the gown. Hand in hand with Lola and Tita Aida, we put beads and some accents on the 3-feet long gown.

 Fail Shot! I used the self-timer. I didn't adjust other controls though. Those resulted to this fail shot. The gown's details couldn't be seen (Notice my colorful background? I drew and colored it. I was trying to be artistic HAHAHA)

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