10 June 2010

I am a Person of 'Seriousness' Now

OH. MY. GOD. I've been going to school for two weeks now. And I feel so tired already! I was not a diligent nor a responsible student when I was in High School. Back then, I treated everything as a joke. Yeah, blame my unorganized and incoherent thoughts for my out-of-this-world acts. So was I so helpless in trying to survive the first two weeks of my college life. I didn't know my course would be this difficult to digest! HAHAHA (I'm taking up Accountancy) The only thing that's keeping my world balance now is the presence of my friends, High School and College friends at that. 
A lot of changes have been going on too. For starters, I am now a very good commuter! I never experienced commuting on my own until now. My parents have always seen to it that I am sent to school safely. (I miss Manong Jeff and my busmates!) Also, I am now willed to submit all my homeworks on time. I don't procrastinate anymore :"> (well, for my own definition, procrastination is not the term for what I'm doing these past few days. It's more of a rest-rest-then again, rest-homework regimen) At least I submit my homeworks, right? Though I don't really want to, I'm willing myself to undergo a lot more changes when in comes to my 'seriousness' in dealing with my studies. I want, and wishing against all odds, to pass my 1st term that's why I will really try very hard to forget my HS ways and focus on what I am supposed to do. Ha!

 My new set of closest friends: Kim, Lina and Hannah
 Where was Lina that time?
 I am so happy that majority of Tribo is studying in Taft :">

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