20 April 2016


I've forgotten about my last post from my Malaysia trip last August 2015 so here I am, a little dazed because I sadly couldn't remember everything that I wanted to say about Malaysia but whatever. Let's push through! Besides, I've to collate my thoughts and summarize my short trip already because I might find myself in the same country next month yayyyy!

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Top: Zara | Pants: River Island | Sunnies: Oakley | Bag: Kipling | Sandals: Zara | Headband: Scunci

I am very interested in the different cultures that exist. Certainly I am not an all-welcoming person who reserves her judgments until I'm sure that no one will get offended, when I am a person who assigns identifiers on almost everything and everyone. There are different facets of a thriving culture that I enjoy observing from afar. First, there's religion. There's something about how a group reveres an Image that fascinates me. I haven't read Yann Martel's Life of Pi but I've seen its movie adaptation. For a while, I considered becoming like Pi. You know, try this and that to see which religion would work best for me. Of course in the end I've accepted that someone has to be responsible for how the world turned out to be. It just happens that to my easily influenced mind, it's the Biblical God  that made the most sense.

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Second is their lifestyle. I don't uphold any tradition that's distinct to the culture in my country save for being extremely family-centered. Whereas other women my age would already start hunting for their own flats to live in, separate from their parents', I'm firmly resolved to live with the comfort that my parents can provide for as long as possible. I have nothing to boast of when it comes to being a walking Filipino-tradition. So I always find myself amazed when I go to places where a lifestyle distinct to them is obvious.  

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Third is how the young people address their superiors. I've briefly talked about millennials in this POST. Allow me to add another nugget of information about our generation that I've read somewhere. They say that we, millennials, are too frank that it can almost be considered insubordination. Perhaps it's true, perhaps it's not. But whatever. Showing respect may come in different forms so what's rude for one may be acceptable to another but I believe that there are some behavioral conduct that're universally unacceptable.

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Culture fascinates everyone but culture isn't supposed to be used as an excuse for any ill behavior that will affect another. 

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I've enjoyed going around Kuala Lumpur. It's a beautiful place that has different races that intermingle well. It's also very easy to go around as the directions and various modes of transportation were helpful to tourists. I'd love to go back! (And perhaps I will soon. We'll see!)

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