02 April 2015

The Child They Love The Most

 I have always deemed myself lucky with the kind of parents I was born into. Perhaps I'm as opinionated as I am because they have always encouraged me and my brothers to speak our minds at all times provided that we do it in the appropriate place and while ensuring that respect for both ourselves and the person we're talking to isn't sacrificed. I've generally made my choices in life with my parents' approval in consideration. Of course this doesn't mean that I haven't messed up. I did, plenty of times to be more precise. I keep on making the wrong decisions as I grow up. And it keeps on getting harder to accept the disappointments I subject myself to due to error in judgments but with my parents' accepting nature, at least there are two people whom I don't have to worry about being disappointed in me.

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Dress used as top: Zara | Earrings, ring, bangles: Aldo | Shoes: People Are People | Skirt: Zara

This is what I wore to my Dad's birthday lunch celebration in The Cafe in Hyatt Hotel located in City of Dreams last 7 March. We celebrated with the rest of our extended family the following day, which I'm going to post here in a few days or weeks, depending on whether I'll have something to talk about or not to accompany the photos. Anyway. I can't believe 2 months have passed by!! I haven't written anything in February (the last two posts do not count since technically, they happened in January) and March. So I'll publish two entries within the day to compensate for them.

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Let me get on my high horses and do something that I both enjoy and detest: preach. Provided that the person came from a fully functional family, he (just to be clear, I'm all for gender equality but the use of "he" in context here is gender-neutral) is completely indebted to his parents. As such, he has the responsibility to live up to his parents' expectations of him. No, really. Call me boring, call me out for sucking up to my parents but I think, when one's only resources, pardon the term for being so frank and tactless, are his parents then it's counterintuitive to disobey the parents' sound decisions. It's called "basic gratitude", I believe. I don't even know where to begin in trying to understand when one deliberately defies his parents' reminders yet has the gall to ask for allowance the following day. Where did he get such impertinence? Financial support aside, the parents are there to provide the necessary voice of reason. They normally advise what would later on become the right advice. They know a lot of things and they are only after ensuring that their children grow up to be better than them.

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We search for help elsewhere or a listener in someone else but we fail to see that our parents would want us to turn to them. Definitely we can't talk about specific topics with them - topics that we will hide from them for as long as we live - but I've always believed in communication so even the mundane aspects of everyday life, I try to expound on when I'm with them. Besides, it's in those seemingly trivial stuff that a person's level of thinking is revealed. Not that I've any proof about mine but both my Dad and Mom have superior understanding of almost everything as proven by their immaculate school records. So I really relish every time I get to talk about new and insightful discoveries with them.

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I guess the best thing that parents can offer is genuine emotional support. For which I am lucky as I have a Mom who serves as my thoughts' sound board and a Dad whose comments have constantly redirected my goals when they're shaky. There's something very uplifting in knowing that when everything goes wrong and my sudden self-doubts rise up to the surface, they're there to listen. My parents know me so well that even when I got in conflict against school teachers once who tried to paint me in a much negative light, my parents laughed it off. My parents have always been on my side. And to me, their approval is the only thing that matters. I may constantly mess up a lot but as long as I can make my parents see the reason behind my actions, I'm good.

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On these notes, I hope either of my parents see this because after the fur vest and fur jacket, I'm going to ask for a new cape. This has been a lengthy prelude to asking for something. Oh well. Happy birthday, Daddy! 

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Title's from Phineas and Ferb's Candace Flynn 

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