09 October 2010


Night Swimming

My best friend celebrated her birthday yesterday, October 8. No plans, no surprises, no whatsoever. 

I was in Taft from 10:30 am - 2:00pm, having some quality time with Cheska Tantoco. You see, I never had the heart to decline any of her invites. In the middle of the day, we were having our fun. The TRIBO kind of fun ;) Hihihi

I met with Riva Quizon in gateway after, finally doing the long over due catching up with each other. She was so nice to give me one of her cutest accessories: a ribbon connector ring. Together, we rode a cab going to Karen's place. 

I haven't seen Karen Soledad for the entire week. I missed her. And as how she had put it, we could have conquered the world had she not been absent for so long. For all those who have seen us constantly together and noticed that we haven't been a tandem for a week already, don't you worry your pretty heads, you'll be seeing us in action sometime soon again.

Janica Barrera, all the way from UP Los Banos, paid a visit and gave us a box of Buko Pie.

Come 0600, my one and only barkada in the whole wide world started to arrive. Jana Medel and Gel Nobleza arrived with a box of pizza, decorated with candles. Vary Jonson and Jeanne Dela Rosa arrived next.

Jerone Malangen arrived when we were all by the poolside already, bringing a box of yummy cake from Icings with her. 

One by one, we jumped in the pool.

I guess nothing, absolutely nothing, could ever make me happier than being with the friends who mean so much to me and know so much of me. We could have been outgrown by High School, but we could never outgrow our High School friends.

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