04 October 2010

Do you want to know what I really want to become?

When I was 3, I dreamed of becoming a mermaid like Ariel
Or a fairy like Tinkerbell.
Or a beautiful damsel like Cinderella.

You see, I shared the same dreams with other girls. But when I turned 10, I realized becoming a princess (would you take it against me if I admit that I only stopped subscribing from the Disney Princess magazine when I was in 4th year High School?) is not for me.

As Paris Hilton said, "you have to be born in the right family" if you want to become an heiress. An heiress sounds like a princess to me, only it is more fun! No rules, no limits, and with all the money to spend and waste! An heiress, that was what I wanted to be. I even had the Paris Hilton tongue-in-chic book, just to read about the confessions of a real heiress (see http://gianellaperalta.blogspot.com/2009/09/bonjour.html). Come to think of it, I used to adore Paris Hilton!
Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump - now she's the heiress whom girls can look up to

I also wanted to become part of any royal family.
... just so I will have the opportunity to mingle with my royal crushes Andrea Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco and Carl Philip of Sweden

Or perhaps a world-renowned equestrian.
Do I have to explain how wonderful and exhilarating it is to see a girl on a giant horse? Just look at how fierce Zara Phillips is. And do I really have to tell you the that equestrians look good in their riding habits?

When I was in HS, I dreamt of becoming a writer. A one time big time kind of writer, at that.
Take Carrie Bradshaw and Becky Bloomwood for examples (they're fictional, I know, but they're nonetheless inspiring)

But now, after so much thinking I know what I want to become.
(drum roll please)

According to wikipedia, personal shopping is an occupation where people help others to shop by giving advice and making suggestions to customers. Their focus is usually on clothes. A personal shopper will give the customer focused and individual attention, and will advise the customer of what is in fashion, help the customer to decide what looks good on them, or assist in picking out an outfit for a particular occasion- or even an entire wardrobe for a particular season. They will often also conduct other services such as a color analysis, enabling the customer to better understand which colors suit them best, or which colors should be worn for which seasons.

Coincidentally, I'm finishing a book entitled what else but "The Personal Shopper"
Read it, guys. You'll learn more about the perks of being one :)

Oh by the way, I'm taking up Accountancy.

(Pictures courtesy of Google.com)

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