02 September 2010

It outgrows me

She is now numb.

A visit to my mom's province reminded me of what I have been neglecting ever since college set in - quiet time.

I forced my younger brother into joining me as I surveyed the place where I used to play when I was a lot younger. Seeing all the green stuff made me want to run, do cart wheels, play tag, even practice my driving skills. I stopped learning how to drive after I panicky bumped into our neighbor's flower pots about a year or more ago. Since then I am already somehow doubtful of what I can do behind the wheels. I might commit the same mistake of stepping on the accelerator when what I really wanted was to step on the brakes. So it felt so wonderful to do all the things I  love doing before, without any restraints that hold me back.

Next Plan: Get a driver license before I turn 18 :)

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