23 September 2010

If only I could wish

Every time I watch this part, yes particularly this part of the movie, I can't help but feel all those warm knee-weakening feelings. Not because I get so overwhelmed by how these iconic girls live their lives but because I couldn't help but wish that I'll be experiencing the same liberating adventures in the future. And just look at what they're wearing!!! Am I seeing lighted bulbs in your minds, like what is popping in mine? :P

P.S. I would also like to thank my best friend, Karen Soledad, for the wonderful pasalubongs from H&M :">

P.S. #2. Jamaica Cabido is back from Japan! Thank you for the impromptu treat awhile ago. My tummy's in its thumb's up form. (the impromptu treat became somewhat like a cheering meeting, my cheerdancers were there - Annjo Visperas, Emr Hernandez. Even Cheska Tantoco)

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