07 September 2010

Heaven Week - 2nd Day

7 September 2010  - Tuesday
 In random order: Carmina Reyes, Jeanne Dela Rosa, Vary Jonson, Arisa Watanabe, Khim Tabuso, Jade Lo, Jyn Enriquez, Gel Nobeleza, Jerica Rivera, Jerone Malangen (sorry Jer if you don't have any picture here) and Carina Maceda 

*All pictures are from Yna Reyes
I was craving for Zen Tea's Nai Cha since last thursday, it being the last time where I had my fix of my favorite Zen Tea drink. Coincidentally, my close friend Carmina Reyes invited me to a lunch date, which I agreed to as soon as she messaged me (that's how much I missed you, Yna!) I told her about my craving so she could help me find any substitute, if not the real deal, to it. But when I set foot on the grounds of UST, I was surprised, and amazed, to see that a lot of my good friends are there, waiting for me :"> 

End of the story: I had my Nai Cha, which is great. I was able to share my tensed feelings because of the upcoming release of first term grades online with Jade Lo, which somehow calmed me. I was able to see a lot of my High School friends, which is the best part.

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