13 February 2012

Train of Thought Series Part 10

Time has flown!!! When I opened my dashboard, I saw that I've published 322 entries already. I thought I was somewhere near 250 only. Overjoyed, I hurriedly clicked on 'New Post' and settled my fingers on the keyboard. Only, I don't have any thoughts to share. My river of a brain is clam, no ripple to bother with. I just wanted to put thoughts into writing, not to add new thoughts that I don't even know if I can publish someday. Surprises, surprises! Instead of checking my daily blog readings I opted for the blogs that though I don't visit often are highly riveting. I'm talking about the blogs of Bianca Gonzalez and Divine Lee. In the middle of reading their own thoughts, I'm overflowing with ideas! Suddenly, I remembered I haven't explained about my year old blog name 'Of Great and the Greatest'. Suddenly, I remembered I did a little arranging of my 'life in a box' the other day (more of this in future posts). Suddenly, I remembered I have a new reader. Expect these three things to be in nitty gritty details in my next Train of Thought posts. 

Thank you so much for all the love and support!!! <3



  1. cute blouse!
    i love it with the skirt!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Yes, let's definitely follow each other...I'm following you now ;)


  3. cute blog xx


  4. Amazing skirt, dear!
    Thank you for the sweet comment! I would love to follow each other! Following you now, follow me too :)))



  5. aww! hopefully your ideas flow out and be written on posts soon.



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