07 June 2011

I'm Just So Sad

Dear Friends, earlier this afternoon I rode the LRT station from Vito Cruz to D. Jose then transferred to another LRT line, from Recto to Pureza station where I was usually fetched from. Awhile ago, when I reached Pureza, something caught my attention - the front pocket of my bag was open. And all its contents were gone.

Gone are my:

1. phone (I'm temporarily using my Sun while I try to negotiate with my parents to buy me a similar, if not better, model)


2. favorite powder of all time: (I have it with me everyday, that's how important it is to me)

3. oil control films (Not so important. But still, why did the snatcher get it?)


The good part though was, my wallet was intact since it was in the deep recesses of my books and other paraphernalia. Now I'm sure that I would be more careful with my belongings.

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  1. maybe we can replace your phone with the buy one take one thing? ooppss just trying to lighten your spirit...i know how sad it feels even if i haven't experienced the same plight (imagine including oil control films)...an expensive lesson but you probably know by now how to take care of your things and of yourself...ingat palagi and be wary without being paranoid... this is lola:)

  2. Oh dear I'm so glad they didn't take your wallet!
    :S Bad luck for the phone although

  3. Ah, sorry to hear that! My phone is my everything.. can imagine how you feel! Lovely blog though, would you like to follow each other? love,m.

  4. waaaah... the world isnt safe anymore...
    when riding jeepneys, im not very comfortable because im being cautious of my surroundings...
    i tried once that i was almost a victim of pick pocketing... but gladly i noticed HIS hands on my bag and i moved the bag away from that guy! talk about not even getting his pick pocketing right.

  5. omg. sorry to hear that.Be more cautious next time and stay safe!

  6. This suck sweetie! Really sorry to hear that. My phone got stollen once and it was horrible.

  7. aww that sucks :( i wonder how that happened :( x

  8. Thanks hon! Don't see the GFC option!

  9. Oh no! I'm so sorry that happened, glad to hear they didn't take anything else!
    Have a good day :)

  10. thanks for the good finds!

    Find me on:
    From Catwalk to Classroom...

  11. Aww, this is lovely,
    I love it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !


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