27 April 2010


I've listed down the 5 Things That Summarized My High School years. These 5 too are the things I would miss once I continue on with my college.


For 4 years, I was with these amusing, boisterous, unconstrained, laid-back, straightforward, brutally frank, cunning, humorous, creative, remarkable, carefree, hard-headed girls. I would forever love them!!

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

Jerone Malangen, Karen Soledad, Vary Jonson, Verlyn Guiyab, Jana Medel, Angel Nobleza, Cheska Tantoco, EJ Velasquez, Riva Quizon, Charlene Dacara

2. My batchmates

I couldn't, and wouldn't, imagine myself belonging in a different batch. Ever since 1st year, I've known that my batchmates are far different from what others expected of us. 

3. My Favorites

My closest friends in our batch: Maan Marqueda, Icha Valeriano, Jeanne Dela Rosa. I love them!!
4. Being a bus rider

I've been used to hearing my bus Manong shout every dismissal time. I guess I'm Manong Jeff's favorite pasahero :> HAHA I would miss how my friends always tried to hide me from him whenever he went searching for me every dismissal time. He's the best Manong driver!!

 I realized, I never got to take a picture with Manong Jeff! Lame.

5. Cheering (Intrams)

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

I've been part of the Cheering Squad of the batch since first year. I've given almost all my effort and time just to pull off a performance worthy of being called the Champion every year. From 2nd year to 4th year, I was called and referred to as the Batch Cheerleader :">

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