03 November 2009

The Making

Last 19 October, our class (Anne De Tilly) had our grad pics taken. Everyone of us had our hair and make up done by the stylists. Lucky for some, they were made over by a good stylist. Anyway. There were some who caught my attention after seeing their transformation. I mean, I didn't know they were capable of looking that good :P :)) [sorry for the comment] As for my look, I didn't like any single bit of what they put on me. And being someone who couldn't just let something pass by without me pinpointing what didn't please me, I changed my make up. I rubbed off some, and I added some. Let's put my ranting aside now. I made my own photoshoot wherein I took my classmates' 1x1 pics. Hahaha. Here are the samples of their 1x1s.

I did some editing of course

And here's my 1x1: =)))))


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