07 November 2009

I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh

I've been doing a lot of thinking these past few days. Certain thoughts can't easily be set aside, I realize. It takes a single train of thought to put my system into its chaotic state once again. But not to worry for I'm steadying my defense for quite sometime too. I had already anticipated this thing coming. I considered all possible reactions I may have once everything took place. I made myself as prepared as a soldier can be, ready to battle against anything. Impetuous as it may sound though, I wasn't able to anticipate the contrasting feeling that I may have felt if the opposite of what I was expecting would have come instead. I didn't even perceive this option was possible, considering where my emotional state was prior to this event. Surprise surprise. I was stunned at how things resulted into. Since when did my seemingly unending problem fix itself on its own? I mean, I was taken aback by how the once complicated problem I used to have for a long time suddenly flashed before my very eyes, presenting itself to be a thing in the past now. Time really heals. And I love the feeling of being freed from all the agonizing conditions I put myself under.


... But I never knew the laughs would make me cry.

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