19 October 2012

A Contradiction That Ricochets

My mom asked me to claim her passport from the Korean Embassy last friday which is located in McKinley Hill. After doing what I've been told, I went to the mall to do two things: first is to check out the shops that I love and see if I can take home some new things with me. And second, to go to the bookstore and write my heart out.

I salute the women who can stand in their 5 inch shoes for more than 5 hours. I've been practicing for that talent but my feet could only take so much. And since I didn't bring any flats that I could slip in, I had to buy a new pair. Or maybe, leaving behind flats even though I knew I'd walk for several hours was intentional on my part. That I didn't bother to bring anything at all so that I could have an excuse to buy a new one. Whatever it was, the bottomline made me happy: I have a new pair.

I've decided to chop off my hair and just embrace it in its pure glory. Tada! No more artificial color, and no more long tresses.

Dress: Mudd| Blazer: custom made| Heels: People Are People| Flats: Topshop| Necklace: from World Trade Center bazaar

My world could crumble down under my feet but no one will ever know when it's already happening. For someone who speaks her mind all the time, unsolicited opinions or otherwise, I do the shutting up like a pro.


  1. those heels do look really high (and a tiny bit uncomfortable :P) and I totally know the feeling when your shoes are trying to kill you, haha!
    anyway, your new loafers are really cute and go perfectly with the colourful dress.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. Great photos and you look so pretty in all of them.

    <3 Marina


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