29 September 2012

Don't Take It Too Casually

I was scheduled for my ehem graduation photo shoot ehem last thursday, hours before my actual class and I was too giddy to have my picture taken. Too giddy in fact that for the nth time, I was late for the shoot! Harhar. I've already convinced myself to prepare all the necessary clothes that I'll be needing ahead of time but the last-minute aficionado that I am, I got distracted with another thing. That is, writing an email full of words that describe how amazed, gobsmacked, flabbergasted, and simply blown away (these adjectives were exactly what I used) I am after reading three novels in a row, all authored by Jodi Picoult. Trust me to be the girl who'll find a way to express her sign of approval to someone who has made an incredibly well-executed job. I'm so geeky in that way. I wanted others to know that their works are well received by silly old me. After typing down a lengthy fanmail, I closed my email and  started to panic. I only had an hour to take a bath, stuff things down in my bag, dress up for school, and try to remember as many rules as possible the photoshoot is reqiring. Cutting the chase, I was late. And yes, I was able to charm my way into the make up artists and everyone who was there. And double yes, they still attended to my whims. This, my friends, is the Gellie-trade mark. Setting aside my "student deficiency", let me show you what I wore for the casual wear:

Dress: Warehouse| Jacket: Forever 21| Belt: Topshop| Watch: Mango
This is another first! I held my chin up, smoothed my dress, and walked along the halls of my school wearing make up as heavy as this. I've never worn make up in school, save of course for those instances which required me, so I consider this a very bold move.



  1. I must mention I like the simple make-up you're wearing. suits you beautifully, especially with the super classy outfit. this lace jacket looks SO awesome!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me


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