11 December 2011

Rain Boots

Last friday, my day went something like this:
12 noon: I woke up and readied for school. It was raining, as if my prayers the night before were answered.
3pm: I arrived in school for my 2:40 class. I was late, as usual. But because I was late, there was already someone sitting on where I'm usually seated. (I was able to talk to my long time crush though! It turned out, he knew me all along too. Kilig kilig :>)
4:30pm: I was trying to fill out my Starbucks sticker card.
6pm: I did the grocery with my dad, Tito Ian, and Lola Ester for my first cousins who are to arrive from the US.
7:30pm: I had dinner.

Fresh from school
9pm: Lola, Tito and I set up the condo unit where my cousins are going to stay in
Having some laughs with Tito Ian

Top: Forever 21| Pants: Wrangler| Rain Boots: Aldo| Bag: Lacoste| Watch: Tommy Hilfiger 


  1. Must be fun to have your American cousins there. Love the outfit!

  2. haha, the last photo is so cool! ;) and your rain boots look surprisingly stylish :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Cute boots! Could've done with them today, the rain was horrendous! xx

  4. Amazing shots i find here.



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