23 December 2011

Desperate Measures

Season greetings! I wish you and your families a very merry celebration. See you on December 26. I'll be spending my holidays out of town :)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I say it does because everything seems to be going along as how I hoped for it to be. Take today for example. I badly wanted to bond with some of my college friends. *ehem I wish you can see this, Lina, Hannah, Debs and Tin ehem* But since I'm not someone who's allowed to go out on a daily basis, I had to do the thing that I've perfected through the years - the art of manipulation. Cue evil laugh. A few tweaks here and there, et voila. I had my friend Lina join me, my brother, and my mom as we spent the afternoon in the mall. I swear this was a spur of the moment meeting, Hans! ;;)

Navy blue with sequined gold accent: The Ramp| Black Blazer and belt: from Bangkok| Pants: Promod


  1. my favourite is that cool blouse! and once again you look golden ;)
    happy holidays btw! :)

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