17 September 2011

The Balance of Nature

One principle I greatly believe in is that, everything is fair in this world. That when you're good here, you can't be that good in another department. That when you get something akin to perfect now, after a few days, karma's going to fuck you up. See, you can't have it all. Always, you'll have something that will make you less perfect and more human. And always, you'll meet some people who are better than you; just the same, you'll meet a person or two who'll think that you epitomize the person whom they wish they can be. I think this is how everything is supposed to be. Fair and square. 

I was in school last 12 September when Ms. Universe 2011 took place. But thank God for the internet connection (read: wifi) in all our buildings in school, we got the result as soon as it was out. I felt really proud of the country's representative, in fact I am one of the proud kababayans of Ms. Philippines. More than being Ms. Universe 2011 3rd runner up, I'm more at awe with her academic accomplishments. She didn't just pass the board exam in Architecture, she nailed it! She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines, topped the Architecture board exam, and bagged 4th place in Ms. Universe. 

What ever happened to the balance of nature? 


Congratulations, Shamcey Supsup! What can I say, I'm a fan :)

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  1. although I'm not a fan of Miss Universe, congrats to your country! she truly looks beautiful :)

  2. I watch the miss universe.. I have to say Asia is dominating! brain and looks... !!

    congrats to Ms. Philippines



  3. I love it :) Love your blog i'm new member !!!
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