04 January 2011

Year - Ender

I'm doing some cleaning up, all to my mom's delight. And one of the things I want to 'make over' is my laptop. All the essays and school papers that I have worked on patiently for my past two terms in college need to go already. So, tata! After 2 hours and a half, (well I wasn't able to resist reading all my compositions again. And damn, I think I'm good! How can my English teacher give me a 95 in an essay I've comically worked on which talks about dinosaurs! Dinosaurs, you hear me? Dinosaurs, what a suitable topic for a college student. What's up with that. I would have published it on line had I the guts to do so. Hmm, think about Pinky Weatherton of Carrie Bradshaw. I might publish my dinosaur essay after all. Talk about self-righteousness again HAHAHA), I have few more spaces for future compositions. After too much self praising and all, I opened the folder solely dedicated for pictures. My story ends here, open and unsolved :)) What's up with that. And oh, you might see a lot of What's up with that in my entries from now on. It sort of stuck in my head since I've been using it pretty much for the past weeks. I wonder what expression will I be using next time. Any suggestions? :)

2010 has been one hell of a year for me. A lot has changed. And I'm definite that a whole lot of things is going to change soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE :)

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