18 July 2012

The Rest is Still Unwritten

I am so thankful I took up my intfilo (Introduction to Philosophy) class when I've already realized the gravity of the situation. 3 to 4 terms ago, I wouldn't have given a care to what my professor in intfilo is trying to inculcate in my mind now. The world could've died then and I wouldn't even budge. In my current term now, I've enrolled in 8-9:30am class under the great Sir Victor Gojocco, shocking ALL my college friends who have warned me about his infamous way of seeping through his students' minds and planting thought-shaping ideologies. I want a sure pass prof, yes, but I also want to dare myself and test how firm my stand on my beliefs are. The latter sometimes outweighs the former.


When you react to something you've witnessed, you should either affirm or negate the situation and in the process try to make sense out of it. Sir Gojocco told us about the movie The Matrix, the one which starred Keanu Reeves (aka one of my Hollywood crushes of all time). And then he asked, "How sure are you that you are not living in The Matrix?" Remember that in the matrix, anyone who's in it can also die. It was Neo (Reeves) who tried to break free from the slumber and tried to come out of the virtual world. He had to fight the agents who wanted to keep him and the rest of the population locked in it. Those who were believing that the life they're living in The Matrix is real, didn't know that their lives were merely make-believe. How would they when they've been used to their so-called life already. What if we are also like those people, those who failed to see what's really behind all of these? What if all these are part of The Matrix as well? Where do we get the answers to these questions? Do we get them from God? To begin with, is God even real? Is there really someone Genius behind all of these occurrences? Granting that He truly exists, don't you think He's an excellent strategist or playmaker? He may have given mankind its 5 senses but He made sure these senses are not enough to explain the reasons.


We can say that life doesn't offer much answers. But the thing is, it still offers some, no matter how minor they may be. We might not find all the answers that we need but I believe we have that one thing that can be sufficient enough for all of us to find sense in all things - faith. I am therefore truly human, for I settle with the beliefs my faith has instilled in me throughout the years. They may be unproven, edging to fallacy even, but they are what I need to continue living my life the way I would've foreseen it.


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