01 July 2010

I Roll With The Best

College life is becoming more bearable as each day passes because of these two people:

We look weird together. Hannah Dar Juan and Lina Domingo
Hannah's the best listener there is when it comes to my telling stories which happen normally only in exclusive schools. It takes one to know one, they say :-"


  1. of course you roll with the best. :>
    sorry ah. di kasi ako kasing experienced niyo eh. :>:>:> :))) - lina

  2. No Lina, we're all on the same page ;) HAHAHA

  3. HAHAHAH. 2.5 AKO. B-) Zomg, i look so boyish dito. Ew. We must take pictures soon na mas girly. ;;)- hannah

  4. OMG HANNAH!!! 2.5 :P~~ Ako na inggit :( HAHAHAHA we have to take pics of our weekly terno!


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