29 May 2014

Ladies Who Do No Wrong: Ulyana Sergeenko

I have utmost respect for the Russian fashion pack who seems to be dominating the scene one fashion show after another. I've already posted photos about my favorite among them HERE so for this post, it's going to be about the most melodramatic of them - Ulyana Sergeenko.

The kind of aesthetic that she possesses demands a designer whose vision is equally as theatrical as her.  Proving that style as eccentric and grandiose as hers is difficult to just chance upon, she has launched an eponymous line which I am a voracious follower of (albeit non-paying admirer as I have no enough dispensable cash to buy any of her creations). She always looks as though she's come from the old Russian empire where the Czars and Czarinas ruled the land. Even her 'casual' attire looks couture. How can I not love a walking piece of fairy tale?

 photo ulya5_zpsd8d05d4d.jpg photo ulya7_zps9d5653c1.jpg
 photo ulya22_zps7fa26931.jpg photo ulya8_zps26466a88.jpg
 photo ulya6_zps7c5c40e8.jpg photo ulya19_zps18f05324.jpg
 photo ulya12_zps5fc11449.jpg photo ulya10_zps42e9ec13.jpg
 photo ulya13_zpsab36764f.jpg photo ulya16_zps91d0983a.jpg
 photo ulya11_zps63dc5cf1.jpg photo ulya14_zpsb878f84d.jpg
 photo ulya17_zpsb1b66402.jpg photo ulya3_zps462f9092.jpg
 photo ulya_zps94979d23.jpg photo ulya2_zps0dd5cc15.jpg
 photo ulya15_zps35b80749.jpg photo ulya9_zpsec15e058.jpg

All photos from The Multi-Hyphenates

27 May 2014

These Tardy Sets

Dang! What has happened to time, really. We're nearing the half of the year yet here I am, publishing sets taken last year. I've only a few principles in life like "better late than never", "to each his own", "the end justifies the means", "better late than never", "it doesn't matter how you started. It's how you finished". Did I mention "better late than never"?

 photo 26_zpse7c73e9e.jpg
For my cousin Ezra's first birthday who lives in the US, my mom ordered personalized headbands to serve as one of her souvenirs for those who attended her party. Here I am wearing one which was the focal point of what I wore when I met up with my friends. 
Floral cardigan: Topshop | Flats: from Vietnam | Gold tank top: La Senza | Shorts: Topshop | Ring: from Thailand | Necklace: from Macau

 photo 27_zpsc0610bb8.jpg
For dinner with my family, I got to wear this animal-printed set which I bought during my class' excursion to Thailand. I don't have plenty of clothes, in my opinion, so it's a wonder that I forget some of the stuff that I've already bought. This set has been lying in my wardrobe for a year before I finally noticed it.
Top and shorts set: from Thailand | Necklace: from Thailand | Shoes: CMG | Belt: Mango | Ring: Guess

 photo 25_zpsa8c7dd73.jpg
Top: Giordano | Spectacles: H&M | Belt: Levi's | Skirt: Zara | Shoes: from Vietnam | Bangle: Aldo
 photo 24_zps3c950cb3.jpg
Cap: Adidas | Poncho top: from Macau | Bag: Tommy Hilfiger | Shorts: Zara | Shoes: Mango | Ring: H&M
I wore both sets during grocery trips. I absolutely enjoy doing the grocery, provided of course that my mom is with me as I hate buying house stuff with on a tight budget.

24 May 2014

Travel Philippines: San Juan, La Union

Watch Out For The Waves

Recently (in my blog's dictionary, 'recent' means having commenced at least a week before), I went to San Juan, La Union with my beach buddies Jana Medel and Karen Soledad. I have to be checked; why on Earth do I dare to wear bikini in the company of these two.

 photo IMG_4900_zps74092135.jpg
We were there for an overnight trip to learn how to surf. I don't know how to swim but I'm not afraid of being engulfed by the waves. Besides, I love doing water sports. I'm mostly found under water than on the vehicle or equipment but so what. Just thinking of having ears that will slightly get blocked once water enters or nose that will get painful once stuffed with water, I'm sold. Haha!

 photo IMG_4907_zpse36fa65b.jpg
Of all the photos that were taken of me, I only have 2 decent photographs that captured my attempt at staying on top of the board. The others showed how I fell from it. My instructor brought me to the deeper parts away from my two other buddies perhaps so that I'll rely on no one's words but his.

 photo IMG_4917_zps993e3fd9.jpg photo IMG_4911_zpsfd60874e.jpg
 photo IMG_4908_zps5d0d1100.jpg photo IMG_4921_zpsab6139b1.jpg
 photo IMG_4885_zpsb402ccb6.jpg photo IMG_4884_zps90b9269b.jpg
 photo IMG_4894_zps6a960b38.jpg photo IMG_4892_zps6b68e9b6.jpg
Of course, as the sun sets in and the food gets eaten, out came the drinks over a few games with consequences. We stayed in San Juan Surf Resort. I think it's recently opened but its service, food, and accommodation are recommendable.

 photo IMG_4925_zps44451007.jpg photo IMG_4909_zps5f3214c9.jpg
I brought the O'Neill rash guard as I don't want to borrow from the wetsuit reserve of the resort. At the end of the day, it was only me who had a problem with her skin color. My arms were halved into darker and lighter sides. I looked like I'm wearing black gloves according to my friends. Oh well, charge it to surfing experience!

 photo IMG_4923_zpse8594806.jpg photo IMG_4928_zps55c58507.jpg
The breakfast of champions!

 photo IMG_4916_zpse7a0d87d.jpg
Thanks for the photos, M!

Kicking It Old School

I seldom publish entries that are only about what I did with my friends on a certain night. Especially if it's only the usual drinking sessions. With the exception, of course, if it's my birthday that we're celebrating. Anyway. These photos were taken last 25 April at my best friend from elementary's house. The last time I saw all of my classmates from elementary, I was on the stage receiving my diploma for having graduated 6th grade. When my best friend invited me to attend her send-off party (as she's about to migrate to US come 5th of May), I was hesitant. I haven't had any decent conversation with any of them let alone have quick Hi - Hello chats with the rest. I didn't know how I'm going to act around them. Granted that most of the attendees that night were my close friends as well, I couldn't discount the fact that we were close friends when we were practically starting to jump from being loud playful grade-schoolers to shy awkward teens. Who knows what happened to each of us the rest of our High School and college lives. But I figured, her despedida party wouldn't only be a venue for me to wish her well but also remind the others that I'm not as distant as they were accusing me of. (Trust me, I'm not really aloof. I just happen to function in a time-zone of my own where universal time is normally suspended. Haha!) 

 photo IMG_4833_zps7cd7c9be.jpg photo IMG_4815_zpsd44404d3.jpg
 photo IMG_4844_zps7248025e.jpg photo IMG_4839_zps005dc888.jpg
 photo IMG_4827_zpsf7397a54.jpg photo IMG_4831_zps5f78a1d5.jpg
 photo IMG_4805_zps1d573476.jpg photo IMG_4791_zps89b17df5.jpg
 photo IMG_4847_zpsa7e3ebe3.jpg
Thanks for all the photos, Tin!!!

It was awkward at first. But you know what I ultimately realized? There was a reason we became friends in the first place. And that's it's because of them that I enjoyed my elementary life. I kind of regret not doing this earlier. It's always been a riot with them. I guess it's going to be like that forever :)

16 May 2014

I am horribly limited

 photo DSC_0069_zps5f8e48aa.jpg
Blazer: vintage from my grandmom | Black mullet skirt used as top: Zara | Black belt and shorts: Forever 21 | Shoes: Aldo | Watch: Anne Klein | Necklace: Promod

It is incredibly frustrating when you know that there exist within you endless possibilities yet at the same time, there is a force that restricts you from actually becoming them. That, or you're overestimating your worth and underestimating life's perils. 

 Perhaps I haven't ran into the impenetrable wall of reality just yet that's why my head is still high above the clouds making me believe that I still have all the seas waiting to be conquered. But let it be known that I'm already panicking because I still haven't done anything concrete to actualize my dreams. Applying for internships that I would like to take part in and awaiting their confirmation don't exactly satiate my desire to move forward. 2014 is by far the most exciting year of my 20s as it marks my transition from student to career woman although I'm not discounting the fact that in less than 5 years, I might be a student once more. But at the rate things are going - add my trying patience to the mix - I  wish there's something I can do to speed things up.

 photo DSC_0068_zps4673e2ee.jpg
Of course never take out of the equation my tendency to be melodramatic. I want changes in my career status at this instance but during the day, when I'm out somewhere either with my family or friends, I'm glad that I'm technically relieved of responsibilities save from the "workload" involved in my dad's business where I function as his executive assistant. Temporarily, that is.

 photo DSC_0058_zpsd2b99e3c.jpg
 photo DSC_0066_zps833292a9.jpg
We celebrated my older brother's birthday in Bellevue Hotel. As usual, it's been a delight to sample another buffet restaurant in the city. The dessert bars were incredible and satisfying but the entrees, although simple yet delicious, seemed to be composed of limited choices. At least, that's what I've observed when compared to buffet restaurants of other hotels.

 photo DSC_0046_zps6377ce2d.jpg
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