27 December 2012

A Little Red

There's something off about Christmas 2012 and it's something that I just couldn't shrug off. You know those times when you've reserved a seat for someone special even though you know that s/he's not coming? And then you just find yourself looking at that seat every now and then? That's how it was like for me. One by one, everyone I hold dear is leaving. Just last year, I spent the holidays without my cousins Alissa, MC, and Ram for the first time ever because they moved to Canada. Though that dampened my spirits, I've gotten over it since my family, my Tito Roy, my two Peralta cousins, Nanay, and my three Valle cousins were here. It wasn't a celebration as fun as the previous years but it was nonetheless pleasant. I could even look back to it with a smile. This year, everyone's simply gone. My cousins were back to their different countries and the great party organizer was gone for good as well. No one will ever orchestrate the silliest games of all time again for he has left already. Unlike my cousins, his ticket is good for a one-way journey only. 

I've always had the talent of making myself busy and unmindful of the sad situation but when the ordeal felt as big as an elephant, how can I fully look past it? You know what they say, when in a bad condition, wear nice clothes. I tried. Here's what I wore for Christmas:
Dress: from Bangkok| Necklace: H&M| Shoes: Topshop| Belt: Mango| Ring: Platinum Mall, Bangkok


  1. CIAO CARA... <3
    Sono appena arrivata nel tuo BLOG, beautiful ring !
    Ne sarei davvero felice se ti andrebbe di seguirci a vicenda...Fammi Sapere <3
    BLOG > http://mcaruso930.blogspot.it/
    FACEBOOK > http://www.facebook.com/ThisIsMyStyleByMartinaBlog?ref=hl

  2. love the hair, your striped dress and those fancy platforms. such a great look overall. and I hope you feel happier now :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Beautiful outfit, your dress is so cute :)


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