27 November 2012

Miss Pretty Little Petite

I believe every girl has the power to be the make up artist of her own self every now and then. You know, like how invention comes out because of necessity. Take me for example. I don't really put a lot of things on my face on a daily basis, save for my facial sunblock, foundation, and loose powder. But other than those, none anymore. Of course attending an event is a different matter. Anyway. That's the thing. I only transform into a make up artist when the situation calls for it. There's no guarantee though that what I've applied on my face will enhance whatever I already have instead of destroying it. Sometimes I look okay with make up on. Other times I look weird. It's a case of love-hate relationship. That's why I never posted anything here that is make up related. Let's save those kind of entries to those who are gifted at that department. Meet the blogger behind Missplpify, a friend of one of my closest friends. Going through her blog made me want to try out all that are in her make up tutorials! I mean, she's made herself look even more beautiful, and I want that for myself too. My vanity is piqued. Haha!

Visit her blog HERE

Isn't she so beautiful?

All the pictures came from her site

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  1. thank you soooo much for the wonderful words! you really should work for magazines! i can see you as the next anna wintour!



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