05 March 2012

Magic In My Hands

So here's the thing: I've a very very very deep problem as of the moment. It has been bugging me and making me shy for the last 6 days. I never claimed I have a smooth and blemish free face cause I know that my skin is dry and that I've a lot of what have yous. But then I know that my face isn't that dirty as well. Until 6 days ago. I woke up, with horrible horrible zits!!! I don't know how I got them nor how to make them go away. So while I'm trying to figure how to chase them off my face, I'm resulting to 'magic' just so I can hide them whenever I go out every weekend. Let me share with you my secrets:

I've been entrusting my fate to them since High School so I'm sure they're not the reason behind the sudden break outs.

We celebrated my dad's pre-birthday yesterday. I wore blue and peach as a sign of my gratitude to the two little wonders I've just mentioned. Without them, I would have worn paper bag on my head. I'm not being my melodramatic self this time.

Blue sweater: Mango| Inner tube: People are People| Blue shorts: Zara| Peach belt: Topshop| Peach heels: The Ramp| Aviators: Ray-ban (which I just borrowed from my brother)

Another thing that's causing me to reach my wits' ends the past days is that all my files in the laptop have been deleted. All my paperworks and pictures were mercilessly erased. That includes the photo editor I've relied on since forever. As a result I'm trying to make friends with a new one. And the pictures here are my first experiments. Not bad, huh? Hihihi Okay drop it. Who am I kidding? I need Lightroom back!!!

OH OH OH! 200 Followers?! Really guys?! Thanks a million!!!!!!!! =)


  1. Love your pictures!You look amazing:-)
    Would be great if you could follow me back:-)

    Check my new post:

  2. those glasses are so nice ;) actually so are the shoes. and I also hope your problem gets a quick solution soon.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. OH, love Loral stuff!

    Love your top too.


  4. Hey dear! Tanks for liking my handmade pieces! <3 And aswering your question, yes, I do ship them internationally. Drop me an email if you like to purchase my handmade turbans or garlands, HERE. :)

    Btw, you look amazing in this post. Love your vintage belt alot!

    Hugs and kiss kiss,

  5. Love the shorts! Hope all is well with your complexion.


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