29 October 2010

What I wore

I want to erase you. From my life.

I've never given up on anyone, until now. I've never felt so tired of keeping up with any of your bullshits, until now. And I've never felt so betrayed in my whole life, until now. It's been exactly a week since I started accepting that some persons whom I used to protect and help as much as I can are not the persons whom I thought I knew. So much for trying to be a good friend...

Here's what I wore for today:

25 October 2010

When you're with the best persons, you won't know what is right from wrong anymore

the weather was so bipolar! One minute it would rain then the other, the sun would shine.
 Had our dinner in Leslie's Tagaytay

There are times where our professors would give us projects which are seemingly intended just for us to get grades in an easy way. This project is an example.

23 October 2010

Friends Stick Together, Always

 Jerone Malangen
 Ton De Guzman
 with Jana Medel and Jerone

To the Rescue!

I was already in the theater where we were supposed to watch a play when my friend Lina got into a minor accident as she was on her way to the said place. She got into a minor vehicular accident along Aurora Blvd. 

To cut the long story short, I fetched her from where she got stranded. 

To cut the story even shorter, I brought her to Camp Suki, located near my HS Alma Mater where we tried several headpieces.

 She wanted to be (insert person here) while I wanted to be Cleopatra

A Sigh of Relief

I'm in the middle of trying to solve a problem and unintentionally worsening it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the decisions I have just made will turn out to be somehow right, if not really the best choices. For days, I am bothered. So was I so surprised to see wonderful wonderful gifts upon reaching home. My bad day turned into a good day, even though I had the bad mood the entire day and the good mood just hours before 12 midnight. Still, I'd count today as a good one. Thank you to my titas (who generously sent me these presents all the way from different countries)  for knowing when I'm really such in need of comforting :)

 I really have something serious going on with leather :">
 I wonder, where can I wear this camel coat?


with Frances, Trix, Sofia, Amy, Mary and Jamie

I was on my way home when I bumped into my elementary friends. Hello guys! After seeing each of them on their bicycles, I couldn't help but feel so envious. I think their bikes are way better than my stationary bike. Hahaha.

10 October 2010


I'll give you lots and lots of reasons to lust over.

Brilliant photography from the genius Tommy Ton

Cheers to people like Anna Dello Russo who has 4000 pairs of gorgeous gorgeous feet-killers and our very own Imelda Marcos who has 2 700 pairs.
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