24 September 2010

Every now and then, everyone deserves a friday

 Eversince, I've looked forward to my fridays because I know that another week has ended and that weekends are taking over. But college life did some changes. Fridays are not anymore just the end of the week, but the beginning of my weekends. 

Karen Soledad invited me over at her place, suggesting that we practice our swimming skills (or the lack thereof) to spend our time productively since we both do not have classes on fridays. I had swimming classes back in High School but I never learned how to. I wish I took those classes seriously though, or better yet, I wish I attended those classes and didn't give in to the monster called laziness. 

I had a wonderful time with my very sexy barkada - Karen, Jerone Malangen and Jana Medel

23 September 2010

If only I could wish

Every time I watch this part, yes particularly this part of the movie, I can't help but feel all those warm knee-weakening feelings. Not because I get so overwhelmed by how these iconic girls live their lives but because I couldn't help but wish that I'll be experiencing the same liberating adventures in the future. And just look at what they're wearing!!! Am I seeing lighted bulbs in your minds, like what is popping in mine? :P

P.S. I would also like to thank my best friend, Karen Soledad, for the wonderful pasalubongs from H&M :">

P.S. #2. Jamaica Cabido is back from Japan! Thank you for the impromptu treat awhile ago. My tummy's in its thumb's up form. (the impromptu treat became somewhat like a cheering meeting, my cheerdancers were there - Annjo Visperas, Emr Hernandez. Even Cheska Tantoco)

13 September 2010

Do It Yourself

I wanted to re-style my wardrobe without spending too much so I resorted to relying on my own creative skills. I am going to post entries in the future that show the results before and after I added and removed a few details to some of my investments.

I put aside my things, the scissors, beads, laces, garters and the glue gun and decided to take some pictures of myself. Oh well, too much work and no play would make a person's ideas become boring right? Hahaha

07 September 2010

Heaven Week - 2nd Day

7 September 2010  - Tuesday
 In random order: Carmina Reyes, Jeanne Dela Rosa, Vary Jonson, Arisa Watanabe, Khim Tabuso, Jade Lo, Jyn Enriquez, Gel Nobeleza, Jerica Rivera, Jerone Malangen (sorry Jer if you don't have any picture here) and Carina Maceda 

*All pictures are from Yna Reyes
I was craving for Zen Tea's Nai Cha since last thursday, it being the last time where I had my fix of my favorite Zen Tea drink. Coincidentally, my close friend Carmina Reyes invited me to a lunch date, which I agreed to as soon as she messaged me (that's how much I missed you, Yna!) I told her about my craving so she could help me find any substitute, if not the real deal, to it. But when I set foot on the grounds of UST, I was surprised, and amazed, to see that a lot of my good friends are there, waiting for me :"> 

End of the story: I had my Nai Cha, which is great. I was able to share my tensed feelings because of the upcoming release of first term grades online with Jade Lo, which somehow calmed me. I was able to see a lot of my High School friends, which is the best part.

Heaven Week - 1st day

 6 September 2010 - Monday
See how narcissistic Janica Barrera's shirt is?
If only I can have one myself. Hahaha.

06 September 2010

As bright as the sunshine now

My spirits was still in its highest stage. I wasn't satisfied with the minimal pictures of myself that day. Consequently, I took lots and lots of photos of myself.

My first term is OVER! Goodbye to all those stressful subjects, for now. I have one week to recharge before I enter the 2nd round (read: 2nd term). I don't particularly have any plans on how I'll spend my heaven week so any invitations whatsoever, as long as it is on a weekday, will be highly considered. It's time for catching up with everything that I have unintentionally disregarded. So friends, fire away! :)

And then I tried wearing this hat: 
when Rayne asked me if she could borrow it. 
She is so cute!

What I wore

For those who are asking if I had my hair dyed, yes I did :)
Top: Gap
Skirt: Bazaar
Heels and accessories: The Ramp

05 September 2010

Bee Happy

Cousin Rayne celebrated her 2nd birthday just awhile ago in Jollibee, Festival Mall branch. What is it with Jollibee, why does every child know him? Hahaha Not that I have anything against him okay. I actually love their chicken joy, yum! 

Rayne in her Tinkerbell - inspired dress

I never had the chance to celebrate any of my birthdays in Jollibee :(

02 September 2010

Come and sail away with me, SOON

Mom and I checked out this yacht, how many persons it can sit and what the possible activities can be put in there. I can not divulge any information as to why we had this ocular. Don't worry, I will let you in on the secret once everything is final :)

It outgrows me

She is now numb.

A visit to my mom's province reminded me of what I have been neglecting ever since college set in - quiet time.

I forced my younger brother into joining me as I surveyed the place where I used to play when I was a lot younger. Seeing all the green stuff made me want to run, do cart wheels, play tag, even practice my driving skills. I stopped learning how to drive after I panicky bumped into our neighbor's flower pots about a year or more ago. Since then I am already somehow doubtful of what I can do behind the wheels. I might commit the same mistake of stepping on the accelerator when what I really wanted was to step on the brakes. So it felt so wonderful to do all the things I  love doing before, without any restraints that hold me back.

Next Plan: Get a driver license before I turn 18 :)
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