15 August 2010

I feel so blue!

Let me introduce to you, ELUDE: JPIA's Acquaintance Party. It started around 8pm but considering how much I value time (okay, sorry for my being late constantly), I arrived around 10 30 already. I wasn't late just because I prepared late. My driver not knowing where Alpahaland is also contributed to it. Good thing though, I arrived just in time. I mean, the real party started around 11. And oh, thank you very much for all those who supported my blockmate Arianne Sena :)

12 August 2010

There is always a way

"If there's a will, there's a way" 

My place is more than an hour drive from the heart of Metro Manila.

02 August 2010

Oh dream maker, you heart breaker

As part of our latest topic in Filkomu class, we were asked to watch a chorale in Philam Life Auditorium. It was such a treat to hear my favorite classical songs sang in a very melodious way. Songs like Moon River and The Way You Look Tonight have always always made me feel melancholic, yet I love listening to them over and over again. The irony of things. I arrived there late, as usual. I chatted most of the time with my seatmate Lina (who was also late that time), as usual. And I took pictures with my sweet sweet friends, as usual.

The performers

And here are the pictures of the Sisterhood:

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