26 July 2010

High School Reunion

Now who would plan for a High School reunion for our batch this early right? So yeah, we didn't actually have a batch reunion, it was only a resemblance of it. Eliz Marcelo celebrated her 18th birthday with a blast in Manor Basement, in which she invited almost everyone from our batch. So there. It was such a night of fun and laughter!
Happy Birthday, Eliz! She's in her red awesome Lady Gaga-inspired dress. GORGEOUS.

10 July 2010


For our block picture, we were asked to come in kiddie outfit. Problem was, I don't even know how kids are supposed to dress. And so I just settled in wearing something very colorful and playful. Before going to the location where our block picture was taken, Lina Domingo and I chanced upon a photobooth. Being persons who love posing in front of a camera, we entered the photobooth :))

 Hannah was missing!

Pictures from Ledsters Photobooth

Shirt: Gap
Jumper-dress: Petit Monde

08 July 2010

Birthday Wishes

6 July 2010
Mom turned another year older!
Right after school, without enough time for me to change into more comfortable clothes, we went out to celebrate mom's birthday.

Kuya Gian, Daddy and Mommy
my younger brother took this shot. I was supposed to delete this already since it's blurred but then I decided at the last minute not to do so anymore. Look at us! It seemed like there was a theme that night Hahaha

Check out these wall decors.

Rayne's Day Out

One lazy afternoon, my older brother, Gian suggested that we take our cousin Rayne to a toy store and let her pick any toy she would want. Mom agreed and so I immediately set aside all my homeworks which I was working on at that time and grabbed the camera. My dad brought us to Alabang Town Center. 

Rayne with my mom and one of the toys she picked: Dora's music set
At 1 year old, she definitely has a good taste in toys

Top: The Ramp
Shorts: Bayo
Flats: Anthology


Yummy Sunday! My mom's dad shipped so many seafood as his gifts for my mom's upcoming birthday (this happened last 3 July). It looked like he gave us a supply for one month! 

I am a seafood lover myself

Take a look! Something's wrong. Can you figure it out? 

HAHAHAHA. I edited the color of the shirt: from blue, it became green. My reason? Figure it out. LOL

01 July 2010

I Roll With The Best

College life is becoming more bearable as each day passes because of these two people:

We look weird together. Hannah Dar Juan and Lina Domingo
Hannah's the best listener there is when it comes to my telling stories which happen normally only in exclusive schools. It takes one to know one, they say :-"

Notice Any Changes?

Yeah, I know. The change in my hair isn't obvious :| so much for trying to have a new look. Oh well. I didn't want the length of my hair to be shortened, especially because the length of my hair now is the longest it has reached by far. Still, the hairdresser cut so much from my tresses so I thought an obvious change would be made out of it. I didn't look at my hair while it was on progress, I wanted to be surprised. Hahaha. 

low-quality pictures taken using my phone. YET MY EYEBAGS STILL SHOW :( I've been trying very hard to work on my homeworks religiously these past few days.
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