29 June 2010

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I'm finally making my twitter public!

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We Dominate

It was an adventure day for me!
From Taft to San Beda College to Gateway then going back to Taft, then again, back to San Beda.
LRTs are really such a blessing.

After passing through St. Paul QC, I realized I really missed it! How I wish everything was as comforting and easy as before...

25 June 2010

if at first you don't succeed, you don't belong here!

No photo edits.
No make up.
 Look at how bare and haggard my face could be at 1AM.

 Guess when my birthday is :">
My face perfectly fits! HAHAHA

- pictures taken using Vaio's webcam

24 June 2010

Corporate Suits Me... Not!

Students under the College of Business were asked to wear corporate attire not for any special reasons or activities, it's just because. Hahaha. My blockmates weren't so thrilled in wearing the corporate-look, unlike me. It was fine with me cause wearing the business attire gave me an excuse to wear heels without my blockmates noticing it HAHAHAHA I mean, c'mon guys, I don't wear heels just to look fashionable or what (though that's also a good reason), I wear them because I need height! =))

The necktie was my classmate's - thanks, Michael! 

As you've noticed, there seems to be an excess red line above my lips. I had wind-burn :(

Top: Liz Claiborne long-sleeved polo
Skirt: Robinson's Dept. Store
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Bag: Guess

22 June 2010


It's Father's Day last sunday, 20 June.

I was busily trying to catch up with blogging more about my college life and the sudden changes it's bringing into my life when I saw some of our family pictures. I then noticed that I never had the chance to have a picture with my dad during Father's Day. Not that I really find anything so special in that day, I just wanted a 'Happy Father's Day' picture. Am I making sense? :))

So instead of having more weird pictures of me taken, I decided to postpone my weird-me-photoshoot HAHAHA

Look who suddenly got taller! Amazing B-) (but yeah, it's just because of the wedges I'm wearing)

DADDY! We look so much alike, don't you think? :)

I hope you all guys had a good Father's Day celebration as well.

Top: white stoned tank top - Vintage
Cardigan: The Ramp
Wedge: Janylin

18 June 2010


Those old guys ran out of gas just short of the finish line.
The Boston Celtics nearly pulled off an improbable championship, leading most of the way against the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 7 of the NBA finals on Thursday night before losing 83-79.
They wasted a superb defensive effort when their offense stalled midway through the fourth quarter. Boston went without a field goal for nearly five minutes, a decisive stretch when Los Angeles grabbed control.
 - Excerpt from  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=127522126

Celtics worked its way up to defeat LeBron James and Cleveland, thus being proclaimed East champions. I even put my bet then on the Cavaliers but after watching how Garnett, Pierce, Ray Allen, Davis, Rondo and Robinson play as a team, I immediately felt that Celtics could really offer something good. SO WHAT WENT WRONG DURING GAME 7? :( I couldn't help shouting in frustration everytime Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Pau Gasol, and Derek Fisher tried to shoot or even just got hold of the ball. Celtics showed a good defense in the first 3 quarters that's why I really expected that they'd win. Plus, I also remembered how Celtics beat Lakers in 2008's Finals. I thought NBA 2010 would be about Celtics beating Lakers again. What I didn't know is that, this time around, Lakers wanted to have their sweet revenge. And sweet revenge did they have :(

THE Kobe Bryant

14 June 2010

Me Seamstress

I've always wanted to learn how to sew on my own. Someone once said, to have good clothes is to befriend a good seamstress. My lola sews clothes, from gowns to daily wear. It is through her that I learned how to do simple creations. My very first sewing project was a necklace bib. And that was in my third year HS. Oh no, I didn't sew the beads on the cloth, I used glue gun instead! =)) what made me consider it as my first project was the sewing I did on the bib's ends. 

[Insert Picture]

BOO ME! I've lost the necklace and the pictures of it were deleted from my laptop's memory when I had it checked last April.

Tito Jun, my mom's brother, who lives in the Land Down Under with his wife and their 4-month old Baby Daughter, asked my Lola if she could create Alex's (Tito Jun's daughter who's also my 1st cousin) baptismal gown. I know my family couldn't go there anytime soon because of work and school commitments and so to show how much I long to see my baby cousin, I helped in adorning the gown. Hand in hand with Lola and Tita Aida, we put beads and some accents on the 3-feet long gown.

 Fail Shot! I used the self-timer. I didn't adjust other controls though. Those resulted to this fail shot. The gown's details couldn't be seen (Notice my colorful background? I drew and colored it. I was trying to be artistic HAHAHA)

11 June 2010

Run Away From Trouble

Being someone who's conscious enough to look presentable at all times, I'm having quite a difficulty in planning what I'll wear to school. I've always believed that showing up overdressed is better than being under-dressed, no matter what the occasion is. 
Glasses needed for Chem lab
 My first knee-high boots


But above all these, my best accessories are these:
 These books make not only my head ache but also my shoulders and arms!

Top: Vintage (1st) Greenhills Tiange (2nd)
Bottom: Lee straight-cut pants (1st) The Ramp (2nd)
Shoes: Brown Velvet knee-high boots from Vintage Shop from London (1st) ankle boots from The Ramp (2nd)

10 June 2010

I am a Person of 'Seriousness' Now

OH. MY. GOD. I've been going to school for two weeks now. And I feel so tired already! I was not a diligent nor a responsible student when I was in High School. Back then, I treated everything as a joke. Yeah, blame my unorganized and incoherent thoughts for my out-of-this-world acts. So was I so helpless in trying to survive the first two weeks of my college life. I didn't know my course would be this difficult to digest! HAHAHA (I'm taking up Accountancy) The only thing that's keeping my world balance now is the presence of my friends, High School and College friends at that. 
A lot of changes have been going on too. For starters, I am now a very good commuter! I never experienced commuting on my own until now. My parents have always seen to it that I am sent to school safely. (I miss Manong Jeff and my busmates!) Also, I am now willed to submit all my homeworks on time. I don't procrastinate anymore :"> (well, for my own definition, procrastination is not the term for what I'm doing these past few days. It's more of a rest-rest-then again, rest-homework regimen) At least I submit my homeworks, right? Though I don't really want to, I'm willing myself to undergo a lot more changes when in comes to my 'seriousness' in dealing with my studies. I want, and wishing against all odds, to pass my 1st term that's why I will really try very hard to forget my HS ways and focus on what I am supposed to do. Ha!

 My new set of closest friends: Kim, Lina and Hannah
 Where was Lina that time?
 I am so happy that majority of Tribo is studying in Taft :">
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