25 May 2010

Last Leg of Summer 2010

School's about to start and we still haven't gone swimming at the beach. Mom couldn't let the summer pass without getting a tan so she planned and arranged the whole Peralta family's vacation. It was only an overnight stay.

We stayed in Mindorinne Oriental located at the White Beach. Galera was fully booked! From Coco Beach to the White Beach to Sandbar, all the resorts were in full occupancy. Good thing mom knows one of the owners here 
1st Activity: Getting my Henna

2nd Activity: Snorkeling and Island Hopping

3rd Activity: Banana Boat Ride

4th Activity: Para-Sailing

My drink was hot and on fire, literally! That's what I love about shooters :))
5th Activity: Bar Hopping. We went to 5 different pubs.

I didn't have any plan to get wet in this. But I couldn't resist the call of the ocean :))

My little cousin, Rayne. Whenever I tell her to pucker up, she does that!

I Want Ice Cream

I treated myself to my favorite ice cream flavor! I didn't mind eating alone. I was too busy satisfying my craving that I didn't bother to invite anyone out HAHAHAHA

Pistachio Ice Cream!!!! :P~~

Hail Hail Hail!

Before the actual classes start, froshies (which include me) were made to attend a 2-day orientation. If I was ready for college even before the orientation happened, I am now excited more than ever! (excited much? HAHAHAHA)


24 May 2010

4th year Session

Upon seeing these photos, I couldn't help but laugh about all the crazy stuffs I pulled off when I was in 4th year. 

Instead of attending class, we went to the guidance office where we played Scrabble, using our self-made rules. Barbs and S have always made me laugh!

Place where everyone is welcome: CHAPEL

13 May 2010

I Can't Be Tamed

I'm currently having the so-called LSS with Miley Cyrus' latest song: Can't Be Tamed. I was so amazed with her video. Her Hannah Montana role is a far cry from what she projected in the music video. She looks so grown up in the latter!

Shots from Hannah Montana and her music video, Can't Be Tamed

Here's the youtube link for the video:

11 May 2010

What To Do

Unlike my previous summers, I opted not to join any summer dance workshop this time. I didn't want any complications when matters regarding my soon-to-be college surface. Because of this, I had more time for my reading and other stuffs which I can't do if I was busy keeping up with my workshops. I was out every weekends, going to different places all over the Philippines. So, what have kept me busy during the weekdays? Aside from my thrice a week badminton playing, I do this:

I got so addicted in playing this online game! The basics here are somewhat like that of Sims City.

What was with this summer that had made me want to feel so Lord-like? =)) I like playing games wherein my citizens refer to me as their god. How's that? HAHAHA

Philippine Election

May 10, 2010 
It wasn't just the Philippine Election for us, it was also my brother's 19th birthday. Kuya can't vote yet because he isn't registered. Blame his laziness! His month-long birthday celebration began today. (That's how we usually celebrate birthdays, whole month!) We had late lunch in Josephine's in Tagaytay. The Peraltas were with us. Daddy's siblings were all present too.

birthday boy
Kuya Gian's well wishers


Lola would be returning to Palawan that's why my parents wanted to have her last dinner for this year with us somewhere in Tagaytay. We ended up having dinner in Cliffhouse, Tagaytay. The place was so relaxing! And for a while, we felt like, we were able to escape from the summer heat which is becoming more and more intolerable as day goes by.

 with Lola Ester (who's trying to get some from my tuna salad)

Tito Ian, my mom's youngest brother

I was feeling so girly =))

05 May 2010

Hacienda Escudero

We wanted a relaxing and calming getaway. We also wanted a picturesque place. So we spent the weekends in Hacienda Escudero, formerly known as Villa Escudero.

I took pictures of almost everything
New fashion favorite: White Polo

1st Outfit: Lulu Castagnette denim dress and white long-sleeved polo, a hand-me-down from my Mom
2nd Outfit: White long-sleeved balloon-type polo from Liz Claiborne, Gray Cover-up from The Ramp, black belt from Levi's, denim skirt from EDC
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