05 December 2010

I'm so happy, I want to die

Have you ever felt that everything around you is starting to become nothing but a hoax? That all the reasons you used to hold on to just to wake up each day with a zest of excitement have been gone? That you have lost all the ounce of enthusiasm you once used to have? What will keep you motivated in moving on then?

I have these questions in mind for quite some time now. 

 Don't get me wrong! These paragraphs were what I wrote for my last essay in my English class. I am dead excited to end my second term already :) So anyway...

Samsung Galaxy Tab
It takes forever just to access on the pictures so I decided not to wait for them to show up anymore.

Thanks to Annjorie Visperas, for the camera necklace :) I was trying to look like a reporter. Hahaha


  1. you have new phone, gel?

  2. Have you seen how my small phone looks like already? You'd pity me for using such an abused phone :))So there, a whole lot bigger phone!


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