07 October 2010

Friend Files

Curly hair. White complexion. Cute Laugh. 
"Don't waste the pretty" ;) 

I met her when I was in first year HS, when everything was new to me and that everything seemed to be not my kind of fun.

I experienced my first night outs when I was in second year, all because it was only with her that I felt comfortable to stay out late.

I relied on her so much when I was in third year. Whenever the clock strikes 12, (just like Cinderella's) instead of sleeping, I burnt up the phone lines with her. It was also with her that I was able to first confess how I felt towards some of the people in school.

Fourth year HS made me see how much she means to me. I did not have to tell her that something wrong was happening, she instantly sensed it. I realized, even if we weren't talking as much as before, there was no need to bridge any gap. Because there wasn't, and still isn't, any gap at all.

She is Lia Pangilinan. 


  1. SO WALA AKO -_- -RIVA

  2. R, my blog has been flooded with almost everything and anything about TRIBO :">

    P.S. Just wait for my tribo reviews. I'm working on them ;)

    P.P.S. I love the connector ring you gave me :)


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