23 January 2010


Entrance exam results are being floated already. The papers which indicate whether you have a good start in college or not have been released. I was saddened by the fact that my first choice-school failed me :( Oh well, that's how it's supposed to go right? I win some, I lose some. The other schools I've tried gave me a positive response. So there, I already have something to look forward to. Few more weeks, then I'll be out of St. Paul. Yeah, just few weeks and yet I can't restrain myself from doing something very irresponsible and consequential. Hello Riva and Janica!

Good thing Eliz was not present that time. If she was, I bet she'd be with us :-" :))

Ateneo: "Sorry"
La Salle: "Accepted"
UST: "Passed"

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  1. i'm glad you've passed la salle, congratulations!

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